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Published : 2020-11-27 10:16:02
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Running-in tip

Step 1 :
Put the nut of the clutch spring at the thread limit.

Heat the engine with a hair dryer and hold the dryer for the duration of step 1.

500mL very greasy on the starter bench with the wheels barely turning.

Step 2 :
1L on the very greasy track at 30 km/h.

3rd step :

500mL with the 2nd gear passing (by relaxing the gearbox by 1/3 of a lap). The engine turns 70-80 degrees.

4th step :
500mL with the gearbox and clut

Advice for use

Operating Temperature :
110° engine at 15° outside.

120° engine at 25° outside.

Spark plug :
-Spark plug n°6 for temperatures from 0° to 15°.

-Spark plug n°7 for temperatures from 20° to 35°.

You can perfectly drive with a N°7 spark plug at temperatures of 0° but your engine will be less clean at low rpm.

You can also drive with a N°6 spark plug at 35° but your engine will be more unstable and more difficult to adjust. The risk of misadjustment is greater.

I hope my advice will help you!

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