Xray NT1.2 │Team specs

Published : 04/30/2019 17:49:57
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Xray NT1.2 │Team specs

First of all let me explain you what's new on the car : 

- Redesigned chassis on the rear with more flex in the rear diff area

- Rear diff bulkhead with the attach under the 2 speed axle which give harder flex just behind the engine

- Square adjustment bushing for the rear arms

- Plastic bushing for the anti-roll bar bearing

What effects on the car ? 

The new chassis give overall more traction on the car, to keep the rotation in the corner we modified the rear bulkhead in order to make the chassis stiffer in the area just behind the engine. This combination give now to the NT1 a really good on power traction but we still keep the rotation in the corner which give to the car a perfect balance between steering and traction.

In order to push even more the car to his maximum potential, we designed new square adjustment bushing for the rear arms. With this we can now use longer arms to give even more traction on the car.

To continue on the most reliable car of the market we designed plastic bushing for the bearing of the roll bar to prevent unwanted wear of the aluminium.

Now I will explain you what tips Alessio Mazzeo and Léo Arnold are using on their car in order to have the maximum performance.

Let's start on the rear :

We are using these options parts on the rear : low friction belt, brake disk, orange pulley, aluminium drive shaft, lightweight brake disk adaptater, aluminium pivot ball

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